Acc & Fees

PHYSIO DEPOT is a registered ACC provider.

You may qualify for ACC subsidised treatment if your injury has occurred as a consequence of an accident or external force. This may occur at home, in the car, at work or on the sports field. You do not need a referral to seek treatment from us - we can register your injury with ACC (if applicable) within the clinic at the time of your initial consultation. We have a surcharge for ACC consultations. If you have already filled out a claim (GP/Previous provider) bring these details along with you, as well as any other letters, referrals or scans you may have.


  • ACC initial consultation/treatment $50
  • ACC follow up $35
  • Private initial consultation/treatment $80
  • Private follow up $65
  • Women's health initial (please contact directly for appointment) $150
  • Women's health follow up $80
  • Women's health initial ACC (please contact directly for appointment) $80
  • Women's health follow up ACC $60

Additional charges for taping, splints, equipment, etc. may apply. No GP/doctors referral is required to see us at Physio Depot. ACC pricing applies to those who have had an accident/one-off event in which the injury occurred. We can lodge ACC claims at your initial consultation. For pelvic/women's health appointments please contact Physio Depot directly by phone or email as we will need to gather additional information prior to the initial assessment. Cancellation of an appointment is required at least 4 hours prior to your appointment. If this is not complied with, a cancellation fee may apply.

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